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Join Marathon provides scalable digital marketing solutions for startups combined with powerful analytics for decision-makers.
Join Marathon has been a game-changer for my business. Their dedication to not just crafting a strategy but also walking me through every step of its implementation truly sets them apart. It's rare to find such a level of commitment to client success, with a constant vigilance for unique opportunities to promote growth. The continuous support and expert marketing guidance I've received have been crucial in expanding my business.
Jim Dwyer
State Farm Insurance Agent

Our process is simple but effective

Designed to ensure your business achieves sustainable growth and a significant market presence. It’s a cycle of continuous improvement, tailored to meet your unique needs and goals. In short, our process is a cycle of relentless improvement, tailored to keep your business growing and adapting in an ever-changing market.


This initial phase is all about understanding your market, audience, and competition. We dive deep into data, trends, and behaviors to gather insights that lay the foundation for all subsequent steps.


With a solid research base, we craft a customized marketing strategy that aligns with your startup’s goals. This strategy outlines the channels, tactics, and messaging we’ll use to reach your target audience effectively.


Our team executes the marketing strategy with precision across different channels. We focus on creative, engaging approaches that capture your audience’s attention and drive meaningful interactions.


Transparency and accountability are key. We regularly report back to you with detailed analyses of our marketing efforts’ performance.


Our team is constantly refining and tweaking our strategies and campaigns, we aim for top performance and superior results.


Marketing is an ever-evolving discipline, and what works today may not work tomorrow. That’s why our process is iterative.

We deliver growth through digital

Marathon growth strategy

Our comprehensive, full-service approach is meticulously designed to assist startups at every turn of their journey. From validating market fit to establishing a strong foothold and ultimately scaling operations, we offer tailored solutions that address the unique challenges and opportunities startups face.

Global scale, specialist precision

Marathon growth framework

This is our strategic growth marketing blueprint we implement for enhancing business growth. With this approach, we’ll assist in prioritizing tactics according to their return on investment.

Growth marketing spreadsheets

Marathon playbook

Our spreadsheets are crafted to help you efficiently allocate resources, track the performance of various marketing channels, and analyze key metrics such as customer acquisition costs and overall campaign ROI.


Sammy from Join Marathon has been working with us for 8 months, crafting a market strategy for my unique product and a successful go-to-market plan. His expertise in creating pitch decks and coaching for fundraising has been invaluable. Truly a blessing to work with!
Natalie Boyatt
Join Marathon's exceptional service, led by Sammy's marketing expertise, has been crucial for our product's traction. Their unique dedication and ongoing support surpass typical consultancy, ensuring our success every step of the way.
Nicole Nadeau
Launch 360
Join Marathon is doing a stellar job of handling both marketing strategy and tactical execution for our start-up consumer products company. As a bonus, they have a ton of experience working with nonprofits and have been instrumental in helping my small nonprofit achieve our fundraising goals. Highly recommend a consultation!
Brad Trotter
Pink Wig

Highly skilled marketers

Your dedicated marketing team

We’re all about making growth simple and effective. Think of us as your personalized growth marketing team. We fit right into your business, saving you the trouble of hiring and managing new staff or juggling multiple freelancers. Our team is super collaborative and down-to-earth. We love sharing ideas and learning from each other and with you. This helps us find smarter, faster ways to help your business grow.

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